Thursday, June 2, 2011

June already?!

Well hello there. Let's see what I can update you with since the last time I wrote on here.

I've finally enrolled back in school!! I started the same day I registered for classes. I registered late and had already missed one class, which sucks because since it's summer term the professors are strict about that kind of stuff. I love being back in school and studying, I bet you I wont be saying that when I have 6 classes a week in the Fall. It'll all be worth it, you'll see!

Gary came down from NY for Sophia's birthday (which was the same day I enrolled in school :) gave her a great present!). Everything was short of a complete disaster for that week he was here, but I won't even get into any of that. I'm just glad Sophia got to see her father and spend some time with him. I hope she get to see him more often, but who knows?
She had an awesome birthday party although it was very very close to not happening. I just don't understand why the heck no one can get along in my damn family..It's so freaking annoying trying to plan a party with most adults acting worse then the children. Grow up people!

For Memorial Day weekend I went to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando and had an amazing time!
I took a train with Brandon then we attended on Friday by ourselves then with his cousin Marty on Saturday.
We had so much fun, I recommend it to those of you who are into electronic music.
Being on the carnival rides while listening and watching the performers and DJs was such a blast. I totally recorded myself while on the spinning swings. Lol, yes I will be posting it for your viewing pleasure.  We ran into so many people from Miami and old friends it was kinda nuts. At one point one of the DJs asked where Miami was at and the entire crowd went wild. I was like daaaaaaaaammmmn Miami! lol

Brandon and I on our way on Friday.
On Friday I had the pleasure of seeing, The ever amazing Craze,12th Planet,Klever (who's amazing set was cut short due to a thunderstorm!),Goldie,Skrillex (who puts on a fucking show!),Gabriel&Dresden, Afrojack(who was fantastic also) and Bunny.

Me,Brandon and Marty on Saturday.
On Saturday I saw, Baby Anne (who's style I loved, she really gets in tune w/ the music), Dj Icey &Whiskey Pete, Dieselboy (who was the first DnB artist I truly enjoyed and opened up the place in my heart for that genre of music.), Beardyman (who's performance was very entertaining, the man does his thing.), Benny Benassi (who murdered it!) and it was finished with an unforgettable ending by Diplo.

This was lovely.

I am beyond glad I've had the chance to experience EDC. And glad I went with Brandon and Marty. They were the perfect candidates for this experience. lmao Thank you guys, I love you beyond words could ever tell.

Trying to find a balance.

On Sunday we went to Wet n Wild, which was to say in the least of terms, a fucking trip. Some people should just not be let out of their houses.Period. Monday we got caught in ridiculous traffic heading back south. Some fire happened near the Turnpike AND I-95 and both roads were blocked off, so we had to detour like crazy. A trip that should've taken us FOUR hours TOPS (even during holidays) took us about SEVEN hours! I was so glad to get home.

Sunday, about to head to Wet n Wild.

And then I had to deal with reality again. Bummer. I had school the next day and totally forgot I had taken a test last class, and I got an 88, which is 4 points  away from an A. My first math test was a B! Go me! lol, Hopefully I don't loose myself in this class and keep getting B's.

Anyways I've got plenty of pictures for your viewing pleasure from these past weeks.

Yeyo's massive Sunflower.
Girls night in :)

Beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Thick like a Milkshake, but better.

A lot of this seems to be happening.

And this also.

Big Pimpin on Mothers day. 

What girl doesn't love shopping?

Waiting for Mommy's cookies. I could hear her Mmmm's.

Sugar cookie cupcakes with Nutella filling..

Her little faces!

Oh, you betcha!

The Beech and I.

She totally put this on herself.

Until next time ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just wanted to share this song.

I love the sounds of the instruments in this song and the voices of course. 
I've always enjoyed the great music of Buena Vista Social Club.
If you haven't, you should definitely check them out.

Back to birthday party planning, and filling up the month of May with activities. Heading to Orlando this weekend, and next month too for the Electric Daisy Carnival.  That's my Mother's Day gift :) and I couldn't be any happier about it. 

For those of you that have never heard of it, it's the biggest electronic dance music festival (outside of Europe). It's almost like Ultra Music Festival but it actually seems soooo much better!

This is the official trailer for the EDC 2010. 
Doesn't this look freaking awesome?

For Easter, we all gathered at the beach. It was nice for the most part.

Seems like we will be gone for a couple of weeks in June to New York.
After we come back, I'll be on the hunt for a daycare/preschool because 
I will be starting Culinary School in the Fall.

FINALLY! I cant wait!!!!!  I can't wait till I get my knives and chef whites! I know, you must be asking yourself "Didn't you want to do Pastry School?"  The  answer is yes, but I've
 also wanted to go to culinary school too. It'd just make me a better 
human in the kitchen :-P but before I was interested in PS I 
wanted to go to CS and I'm extremely picky with  where I want to get this education from.
I am going for The French Culinary Institute, but that's in NY which is 
not where I'm currently located. So in the meantime I will stick with 
the Miami Culinary Institute in Downtown Miami.
I'm excited to see what this program will be like, and who/how are my classmates.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Excuse me..

Sophie decided to rip the keys off my sister's laptop (which is the one I've been using because mine is in NY) so that's been part of the hold up on my posts.

Also, the camera that I just bought in February, broke. Yay! Now I have to send it in and get it fixed..sigh

I got an iPhone 4, and I'm totally addicted to that electronic :-/
There's so much to do on that tiny thing. It's definitely one of my guilty pleasures.
And because I've been all over the place with this phone it's served to be quite a great tool to capture my sightings. It's great to have as a camera because it's small, fast and has tons of apps with different lens and filters. I'm not even going to start talking about the retina display. Moving on...

Since I got the iPhone, I've been posting on Tumblr, and Twitter..
I guess you can follow me on there also, since it's updated quite a few times throughout the day.
May not be many words, but there is plenty of eye candy.

 Tumblr  and Twitter

Well I'm off to bed, got lots on my hands with this birthday planning! This little girl is turning two soon..geez!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Comin' around...

The Ill-est Mermaid

I'm not really in the mood to write today but I did want to share a couple

My sister and Jean came over and took Sophie and I out to lunch.

Miso Soup with Tofu and Hot Pepper Sauce

Kobe Beef Sliders and Sweet Potato Fries

JB Tempura Roll

It tasted just how it looks, amazing.

Spicy tuna, Spicy Crab, Eel, Shrimp Tempura,
Green Tea Soba Noodles, Green Caviar & Spicy Eel Sauce

A big  plate for a big man.

Cry baby in the back  wanted to eat the soup, which was steaming.

Red Thai Curry

I always seem to get heart shaped food :)

Brandon, Sophie and I also went out for lunch.

Lunch with Brandon

Organic Veggie Burger with Pepper Jack Cheese, Grilled Mushrooms,
 Tomatoes, Spinach & Seasoned French Fries

This was pretty tasty

Loving Barney

Cute fish

They were sleeping :)

Hermit Crabs whose shells were painted to look like eyeballs

Scoping out

Checking out the birds

I also took a trip to the fair JUST for the food..Horrible; yes I know, but 
how often is the Fair around? (18 days, once a year).
Pictures of that night will be posted (hopefully) sometime this week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Steps..Baby Steps...

Grilled Onions

See? I' m getting better at my blogging, be proud of me. :)

Here are some of the pictures of the past week and of that delicious BBQ. 

Chocolate Iced w/ Sprinkles

Dulce de Leche

Old Fashioned and Banana Kreme Pie

Banana Caramel Cake

Glazed Kreme Filled, Chocolate Iced Curstad Filled,
and Chocolate Iced w/ Sprinkles

I'm loving the colors

Arrived at our destination

Grilled Wings

Guacamole, Chicken Wings, Pork Tenderloin, Grilled Onions&Peppers,
Dirty Rice and the sweetest buttery-est Potato ever.

That Guacamole hit the spot.

Meet the Creator, Alfonso.

Eat your damn Veggies

Thumb print kindalike. 

My nails and the wine glass kinda match

Stuffing her face

White Rice, Black Beans and Chicken Thighs made by Me :)

It was fantastic. 

Jackie and Sophie

Jackie is in Pastry School and brought us her completed final.

Which was a box of chocolates made entirely out of chocolate!

I think this was the best part, besides the chocolate
dust that just melted at the touch of your tongue

Baby Girl

Until next time ;)